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Fish in Schools

Fish in Schools - Young Anglers - 'Hooked on Fun'

Since the inception of the pilot program in May 2013 this project has developed into a multi level education experience for kids from ages 8 - 16 years of age. There are 18 schools participating across the North Canterbury region with a release day for all fish being bred in schools set for late November. Fish ova were supplied by the regional Fish and Game office and have been monitored by a facilitator (Peter Robinson) making sure numbers stayed up in all the tanks around the area. Temperature gauges and automatic feed dispensers have been kindly supplied by AquaOne who's product donations have been influential in the development of a program structure strong enough to be implemented nation wide.


Kids Fish Out days & National Facilitation for 2014


With facilitation from Peter Robinson, an ex school principal in Canterbury, there are 9 Fish out days scheduled for early summer 2013, all incorporated with the Young Angler pilot program. These take place at public fishing ponds (The Groynes) and at Lake Lyndon in the high country, giving kids an opportunity to experience fishing in natural surroundings and really 'get hooked'. Volunteers come on board from local clubs as well as parents so a 3:1 child to mentor ratio is achieved where possible.

There is great interest from the Wellington area as well as Nelson, Otago and Taranaki to jump on board next year with the program with integration for schools and mentors being rolled out early 2014. The development of training videos that can be viewed from Youtube for students and teachers aids will be a useful tool (kindly supported by the Fish and Game NZ website). A facebook page has been set up which has some wonderful photographic evidence of the last few months progress. Follow this link to check it out.


Public Awareness and Support


There is negotiation with a television production company for the development of a show highlighting the Young Angler program scheduled for February 2014 and numerous articles have been published in Fish and Game Magazines, newspapers and on-line portals.

This program is gaining serious momentum and it is crucial that more people know about its benefits, not only for the next generation of anglers, but especially for those who are in the sports fishing industry. This is the future of fishing in New Zealand.

Future Rivers Trust provided sponsorship funding to the tune of $50000 in 2013 to fund the pilot scheme. Future funding will be reliant on industry support to keep this super program progressing.

This sort of cause related sponsorship can be easily integrated into your marketing to bring greater sales and show your customers you are supporting the future of NZ sports fishing. Where possible your support can also be regionally networked to help customers see the fantastic results that are already apparent in the Canterbury region.


Come join us and support!


Contact Future Rivers today and we can discuss how best to manage your support of this great initiative.