Take a kid fishing


Activity list;

Funded NC F&G Fish in Schools project

Advocated for improvements in Flood Protection works

Advocated for restoration of Deep Creek

Submission - Oreti Cycle Trail

Submission - Kakapo Brook and Advocacy

NZFFA - Excutive - Advocacy

Rangitata Submission, Appeal & Funding (On going)

CSIF&G Councilor - Adovacate for Governance Improvements...

Submission - Commercial Jet Boat Rangitata

Advocated against Rafting - Mataura River

Submission - Water Take Hakateramea River

Feb 2020 Appeal Group meets with Minister re Rangitata

Oct 2020 Rangitata Appeal Group meets the Ecan Council to ask for a Statutory Plan for the Rangitata river

Win - Feb 2021 RDR decides not to pursue consent to take 10m3 from the Rangitata River!

Win - April 2021 Hakateramea River Result - consent declined

Winter 2021 Meet with Ecan regarding state of Hinds River

2023 - Declarations - NWCO Rakaia River with NZFFA & NZSAA







From small beginnings great things can occur - with time and support we hope to grow our activities across New Zealand.

Initially our focus has been on local Canterbury issues

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Funding Map

Future Rivers is a nationwide sponsorship service - as we develop across NZ more projects will come on board. We want to channel a supporter's contributions into their local regions, where possible. It is intended that by managing the Future Rivers strategy into different regions and working with local supporters we will discover, first hand, projects that are in need of funding..