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Two thirds (66%) of consumers around the world say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society. These are the emerging communities of “socially conscious consumers,”

Nielson Global Report, 2012

General Public / Outdoors lover

Supporting our sponsors means you are supporting Future Rivers. Any business can become a sponsor. And you can support them, for example by purchasing goods from participating sports/outdoors stores directly supports our projects - which means you too become a Future Rivers custodian.

Additonaly you can Donate to support our projects directly

Visit the website to recieve up to date information of all the supporting networks collaborating with Future Rivers, and ongoing projects.

It is the voice of combined passions between communities that truely activates change.


'From a list of 18 causes that included the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals as well as other prominent corporate social responsibility topics, 66 percent of socially conscious consumers identified environmental sustainability as a cause companies should support.'

Nielson Global Report, 2012


Industry Providers

Any business can become a sponsor of Future Rivers. Some examples are; Retailers, Distributors, Guides, Accomodation providers and Tourism operators etc, etc can all be a part of the Future Rivers initiative through registering as a sponsor. There are various levels of engagement designed to include providers from a wide range of areas and business size. Contact us today and let us help tailor a sponsorship package that suits you and become a greater part of the future of your industry.


Our Key Principles

Future Rivers is founded on the principles of: trust, integrity, transparency, diversity and respect. We foster a dynamic of mutual benefit, making a lasting impact; a win-win-win scenario in all the aspects of our activities.