Rangitata River - Oral Histories

27 January 2020

Rangitata River - Oral Histories - Your Story

We want people to share their stories. It will hopefully be a record that will stand scrutiny in future Resource Management Act (RMA) hearings.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your story on the Rangitata River
Some questions to help provide a frame work for your story


What are your interactions with the Rangitata river?

  • Recreational, commercial, other?

What time periods are you talking about?

Over all -1920 -2020?

Which decades do you want to talk about?

- 1980's the 70's.... In your story?

What observations do you have?

Do you have photos?

Do you have press articles?

Other items of interest?

What are your recollections of th different decades, and what changes have you seen over time?

What thoughts and beliefs do you have about the river?

What does the river mean to you?

Has this changed over time?

Are the changes for the better or the worse?

What are the characteristics of the river that are important to you?

What changes have you seen over the decades?

Are they for the better or worse?

What do you want the river to look like in the future?

In what way would it be different from today?

Is there a decade that you would use as reference point to what you want the river to look like?

We need a name and conact number with your story

We also require your authorisation to put it on the web site. We will still consider publishing the story without detailing your name if you request it.

We look forward to recieving your story with interest;

Please email your Oral Histories to steve@futurerivers.co.nz and please ask any question as needed

What the future holds?

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