Kakapo Brook Needs Our Help

Kakapo Brook


Irrigation Threat

A plea for help from Serge up in Hamner over the application for a resource consent that will take 1600 lps from this little spawning stream.

The application is very short on detail so gives no confidence that the stream will be protected, from the size of the stream in the photo it's hard to see where they can ring the 1600 lps from, the lack of detail means we should all oppose this in it's current form.

Submissions have now closed
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An overview

And the resource consent application

Details of the application - sorry only just found these

Submissions have now closed

These types of micro power generation/irrigation schemes set a new trend in the back country and if they were to proliferate could further erode our fishing resources, we need to be vigilant and remind landowners to put the environment first in any such developement



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