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Oreti River - FR submission


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To: Southland District Council

Name of Submitter: Future Rivers Trust
This is a submission on an application from Southland District Council for resource consent to: Construct and operate the Around the Mountain Cycle Trail. The specific parts of the application that our submission relates to are: The Construction and operation of a cycle trail from the Mt Nicolas Road Bridge, down through the upper Oreti Valley to centre hill, and the proposed bridge across the Oreti River, and buildings throughout the trail in this area.

Our Submission is:
Future Rivers has real concerns about the impact the Cycle Trail will have on the amenity values along this part of the river which is highly regarded as one of the best trophy trout waters in the world. These values are protected by the Oreti Conservation Order which specifically names Amenity Values as one of the outstanding values to be protected.

The RMA defines amenity values:

Amenity values are those natural or physical qualities and characteristics of an area that contribute to people’s appreciation of its pleasantness, aesthetic coherence, and cultural and recreational attributes.

The use of the valley for the cycle trail as proposed will have a significant impacts on those values, particularly the peace, solitude and natural environment which are highly valued aspects of fishing places like the Oreti. It is also likely cyclist will unintentionally interfering with the angling experience in other ways, brown trout can be notoriously spooky, and for success anglers need for the trout to be largely undisturbed, so increasing the numbers of people in the area will undoubtable impact on the fishing experience in a negative way, further diminishing the amenity values that the WCO is there to protect.

There is also concern the bridge will need ongoing maintenance work from time to time to maintain the channel alignment, which will interfere with the natural river processes.

The Oreti River is also a major tourist angler draw card in its own right, angling makes a significant contribution to the NZ and Southland economy, and it would seem foolish to risk anything that could jeopardise the values that attract these anglers.

In that light the Mararoa Route would allow both activities to prosper with little conflict.

I seek the following decision from the consent authority: That the application to allow a cycle trail running from the Mt Nicolas road bridge down through the upper Oreti Valley is declined. But support the use of the alternative route down the Moraroa.

I do not wish to be heard in support of my submission.

Signature of submitter:
Date: 26/10/2014
Contact person:                                          Steve Gerard
Address for service of submitter:             13 Cameron Street, Methven
Telephone: Fax / email: 03 303 3171        steve@futurerivers.co.nz


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