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May 2015

Jetboats on the North Ashburton?

Jetboater enjoying the North Asburton on Anzac Day

Is the North Ashburton river really flowing again?

It could be done, that is the message I want to convey

So what’s going on in the North Ashburton, where has all this water suddenly come from?
Is this what we can expect in the future??...  read more


Kakapo Brook needs our help


Irrigation Threat

April 2015

Kakapo Brook a picturesque small spawning stream up near Hamner is under threat from an irrigation/hydro power development. This highlights a worrying new trend being taken in the back country... for more info and to sign the petition 

Deep Creek Salmon Spawning area's now almost gone...

Spawning areas set to disappear

March 2015


This 165 meter stretch is the largest area that was well used by salmon, evidence of where they have dug their redds can be seen by the changes in water colour and in the indents in the gravel on the left hand de watered edges which clearly show it has been used by spawning salmon in previous years, and there's a redd (nest) in the foreground - this is all going to dry up completely very soon with a net loss of salmon spawning area... read more



Oreti River decision out - not good news I'm afraid

Unfortunately for fishing enthusiast the Cycle Trails has been granted the resource consents... read more

Oreti Trophy

Oreti Trophy

5 September: Deep Creek Press Release
Deep Creek

Action needed to save Deep Creek A superb back country stream in a superb location -

You might find this hard to believe, that such a superb stream can be treated this way - but it is 100% true, the middle section of this stream has had it's flow diverted from the main stem, and despite Future Rivers best efforts the powers that be are doing nothing - please read the details and act by contacting CSI F&G and asking for immediate action

Details here



The Hinds River - New ZIP released.

March sees the release of the Zone Implementation Plan (Part of the CWMS) for the Hinds River - Ok if you can wait 21 years for a result!! Future Rivers' view is that this simply is not good enough - Summary here: Hinds River

Ashburton River network

Considerable amounts of 'control work' have been administered in anticipation of flooding and erosion around the Ashburton River Network. It was noted by Future Rivers that numerous sections of tributaries to the Ashburton River had been manipulated over the last months, to the detriment of the fishery and angling experience. Research into how the Canterbury regions river engineering is administered and what guidelines are in place for 'best practice' both in operational works and in consultation has led us to discussion around development of guidelines for the protection of fisheries and anglers recreational experience. We look forward to seeing the new Canterbury regional land and water management plan come into action and the use of it in the management of our natural resources.


Fish in Schools - Young Anglers 'Hooked on fun'

Young Anglers is a participation based schools model for raising fish and learning skills in freshwater environments. With support from the Future Rivers Trust and a lot of planning from hard working volunteers, this project has been made a reality. The aim of this pilot strategy is to develop a working model for nation wide facilitation in 2014 and drive greater interest and participation of youth in fishing.

The Fish in Schools project aligns perfectly with the Future Rivers philosophy. We believe this project can be the catalyst for change in the ways that education can develop the values of environmental stewardship in our youth. Follow this link to see more here.

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